Lead Principal appointed

In late 2016 the Minister of Education accepted our application to form a Catholic Community of Learning (CoL) and approved our Achievement Challenges. A full copy of these can be found on this website.

Following this step the Management and Stewardship Groups finalised the recruitment process to appoint the Lead Principal role. In late December , 2016, Tony Shaw was appointed to this role. Tony is the Principal of Catholic Cathedral College.

From the start of 2017 a Memorandum of Agreement needs to be signed by each of the 13 schools in the CoL. This outlines how the schools will work together, the nature of the strategies that will be used to raise achievement, and includes details about Privacy issues and what happens as other schools join the Community of Learning, or if a school decides to leave. Once this is finalised a copy will be on this website.

After this step is finalised and all schools and Boards have signed the Agreement, the resourcing is released to the Community of Learning. This will enable us to appoint the ‘Across School’ roles.

The Catholic CoL currently has been allocated six ‘Across School’ roles. These will be significant positions that will provide strong leadership and support for the projects, initiatives and inquiries that will take place in each school.

The expectation is that these roles will be finalised and the recruitment process will be underway by the end of Term 1, 2017. Following the appointment of these six roles there will be a period of preparation, planning and professional development as each ‘Across School’ leader prepares for the implementation of the projects.

The next step will be the recruitment and appointment of the ‘Within school’ roles. Currently there is resourcing for 30 of these positions within the 13 schools. These people will perform key roles within each school to ensure the focus remains on the specific areas of improvement.

Watch this page for further updates and progress as begin working together as a Catholic Community of Learning.